Tewksbury – Brutes

Mit einer interessanten Vorstellung von Ted Davis bei Bandcamp:

If you’re anything like me, the more ambient music you listen to, the less and less you gravitate towards the lengthy drones the genre is often memed for—if I’m going to listen to some 20-minute track composed of nothing but synths and tape loops, it had better be pretty notably good. And upstate New York professor and researcher Douglas Tewksbury’s new record Brutes is just that. Made up of just two expansive pieces, these loops were recorded on gargantuan 60-foot reels of analog tape, then played through eight guitar amps at once.

Ich neige ja unverändert zu den lengthy drones und lasse mich von einer Professorenschaft und acht Gitarrenverstärkern nicht beeindrucken. Aber die zwei Stücke auf diesem Release sind in der Tat pretty notably good.